To make its range of by-products, Distillerie Jean Goyard extracts and transforms natural ingredients and raw materials from the vineyard: aignes or pressed grapes, pulp, seeds, wines, lees and bourbes or solid deposits.
Necessary everyday products
Polyphenol Grapeseeds : used in the cosmetics industry to combat ageing of the skin or by the pharmaceutical industry as an active ingredient against venous insufficiency, grapeseed polyphenols are powerful antioxidants with well-observed and proven biological properties . Grapeseed polyphenols limit the risk of cardio-vascular illness by reducing blood cholesterol levels, inhibiting lipoprotein oxidation and platelet aggregation and strengthening capillary vessels.
Essential Oils : also called wine lees essence, these are widely used in the pharmaceutical, fragrance, cosmetic, flavouring and wellbeing industries and are obtained through hydro-distillation of the lees. They are 100% pure, 100% natural.

Oil Grapeseeds : used to make table oils with universally recognised qualities.

Grape Pulp : after dehydration, are used in the animal feed industry. Also used to make biofuels.

Liquid fertilisers : made from distillery residues rich in potash, trace elements and organic materials. Produced and sold in partnership with Cohesis under the names Fertinat® and Vitinat®. They are compatible with organic farming methods and are used as fertilisers for food crops and wine growing.

Calcium tartrate : from the marc, Distillerie Jean Goyard extracts a calcium salt that is used to make natural tartaric acid for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
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