For the past century, Distillerie Jean Goyard has been perpetuating the savoir-faire of its founder through the three activities for which it is widely renowned: services for wine growers, the production of specialities and grape by-products for industry, and the manufacture of spirits for retail.
A history of commitment to the vineyard
It was on the instigation of his brother, a wine grower in the region, that Jean Goyard settled in Champagne in 1911. Originally from Burgundy but an adoptive Champagne man at heart, Jean was a visionary when it came to exploiting all the resources of the vineyard and preserving the local ecosystem – in 1911 the Champagne region was in crisis and wine that couldn't be sold was poured into the ditches. At Aÿ, Jean established his first small local distillery. He would travel around the vineyards and countryside with his still on wheels, offering his distillation services to all the wine growers.
When Jean Goyard died in 1946, his descendents, particularly his sons-in-law Louis Morot and Roger Keene, took the lead from his pioneering spirit and continued to develop the distillery according to Jean’s philosophy of quality, innovation and sense of service.
Entrepreneurial spirit
From 1911 to 2007, the business was run by three successive generations of men and women from the same family. Their energy, drive and vision ensured that Distillerie Jean Goyard continued to grow and forge a strong identity. Each director added their own personal touch, looking to the future while perpetuating the work and values of their predecessors. Today, the company remains true to tradition while expanding its activities. Every generation has successfully overcome fresh challenges and developed new markets.
Operating in France and some 20 other countries, Distillerie Jean Goyard is now owned by FINANCIERE Goyard (100%).
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