Ratafia de Champagne Rubis
This smooth cuvée owes its character to a subtle blend of grape musts and wine eaux-de-vie aged in oak barrels. Its sweet, spicy notes emerge on the nose, whereas touches of candied fruit and quince jelly predominate on the palate. It is ideal neat or mixed in a cocktail as an aperitif, and goes wonderfully with elaborate culinary delights.

Did you know ? The author Alexandre Dumas was a great aficionado of Ratafia, which he called that "incomparable elixir" ?

Ratafia de Champagne Sélection
Ratafia de Champagne Sélection is a fine, harmonious union of grape musts, old Marc de Champagne and wine eaux-de-vie aged in oak barrels. On the nose it reveals aromas of prunes and gingerbread , whilst on the palate warm tones of honey and candied fruits emerge. It is ideal as an aperitif, where it elegantly pairs with the finest of dishes.

Did you know ? Ratafia is to Champagne what Pineau is to Charentes, Pommeau to Normandy, Macvin to Jura and Floc to Gascony.

Ratafia de Champagne 3 years old
A subtle union of musts fortified with Marc de Champagne and champagne eaux-de-vie, Ratafia 3 Years Old is distinguished by its aromatic subtleties gained while maturing in oak barrels for three yeas. The aromas of candied orange and vanilla on the nose are replaced on the palate by woody, tangy notes of raisins and candied apricots. More than an aperitif, it is a wonderful accompaniment to fine cuisine and exalts the smooth richness of chocolate cakes.

Did you know ? The most commonly accepted etymology of the word Ratafia is the Latin expression "rata fiat", meaning “let the treaty be ratified”. It was once customary to share a drink once a deal had been struck and the drink consumed on that occasion was given the name of Ratafia.

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